Game industry trends
and insights 2021
by Pavel Räikkönen
For almost 10 years now, since we launched WN Conference, I have regularly reviewed the state of the market, analyzed industry stats, and shared my views on what was happening.
At some point I passed this baton, but a lot of my industry friends said they wished I would continue.
So this is me picking up the tradition I started almost 10 years ago, but in a slightly different way.

I will focus more on the trends than on the actual stats relevant for a particular market. So, without further ado, this is an overview of the trends and growth sectors of the gaming market.
Game market
During the pandemic, large companies were able to strengthen their positions, small ones did not see a noticeable improvement. As a result, the gap between major players and the rest of the crowd has significantly increased.
A few years ago, analysts anticipated an imminent demise of consoles, their fading away in the multitude of other household appliances. However, consoles are more alive than ever, and their fight for consumers is about to enter a whole new stage.
Consoles, VR and Cloud Gaming
Chinese companies will continue and perhaps even intensify their expansion to the global market in all directions (not only the United States). They will be opposed by the rivals long-entrenched in these markets.
Development of the game market
The WFH model adopted across the IT segment in general and the gaming industry in particular triggered tectonic shifts in workflows and processes.
Labor market
M&A, Investments
The market was active throughout 2020. The pandemic has made its own adjustments, but it didn’t slow down the activity.
On average, people did not become more efficient. In some cases, companies retained the same level of productivity.
Books interesting to read
2020 saw an unprecedented amount of regulatory intervention.
Development of the gaming industry market review. Statistics and forecasts.