Development of the game market
Another powerful incentive for Chinese companies is the requirement to obtain an ISBN in order to release a product in China, which is still very difficult. This forces Chinese developers and publishers to actively pursue international opportunities.
Leading Chinese global mobile gaming brand builders as of 2020
(in BrandZ brand power scores)*
Chinese companies will continue and perhaps even intensify their expansion to the global market in all directions (not only the United States). They will be opposed by the rivals long-entrenched in these markets. But they will also have to face an increasingly aggressive administrative scrutiny from the state regulators.
1,8 billion 5G connections by 2025: Developed Asia and the US will lead the way
5G adoption in 2025 (% of connections)
The expanding deployment of 5G networks will further boost the development of cloud gaming solutions for smartphones, as well as mid-end devices. And that’s another growth factor for the industry. In this case, I expect that most news will come from China. Beijing aspires to become the world’s capital of online games, Shanghai is also looking in this direction. Combined, this is an agglomeration with a population of over 50 million and with a powerful infrastructure.